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  • “Georgia – Silk Road renaissance”
    travelogue (2005, 48 pages, in English, pdf 16 MB);
    "... I'm travelling to the edge of Europe, to its frayed rim, to comprehend how the rim is edging eastward, to understand the aspiration of the peoples living in Europe's eastern forelands to become part of the Occident.
    "...On our side, the police could not hold us any longer, we were so many just pressing forward. I was scared that they would try to stop us, that they would use their weapons. ..."
  • “Romania”
    travelogue on a Balkan people’s search of identity in a re-shaped Europe (2003, 36 pages, in Dutch, pdf-7)

  • Het vuurwater van de slaven”
    instalment – on rum – of the two-monthly column “South-Wind” written for Oxfam while in Cuba (1996, 1 page, in Dutch, pdf)
    “…Dat is de Cubaan wiens fles rum op was, en die zich onder doodsverachting naar buiten had gewaagd om snel ergens een nieuwe fles op de kop te tikken. …”

  • “Juan Papi”
    instalment of the column on Pope John Paul II’s visit to Cuba (1998, 3 pages, pdf)
    “… De begroetingsrede van Fidel is echter alles behalve trivial. “Welkom, Heiligheid,” zijn zijn eerste woorden, “U zal hier niet die vredelievende en goedaardige mensen ontmoeten die dit eiland bevolkten toen de eerste Europeanen op dit einland aankwamen. Want de mannen werden allemaal uitgeroeid [...] en de vrouwen werden veranderd in objecten van plezier“ ...“

    Photo: receiving a friendship shawl from Nobel laureate from East
    Timor Mr. Ramos, at the 2003 Anuga world food fair in Berlin,
    together with the director of Transfair Germany Mr. Overath.

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