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Studies and writings:

Most studies and reports were written for the commissioning organization and are confidential. Following is a selection of work of more general interest:
  • "Enhancing the financial performance and sustainability of coffee cooperatives"
    (2003), Brussels, International House, ca. 100 pp., unpubl.
    Study into the financial and economic aspects of success and failure of smallholder coffee cooperatives in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, commissioned by the Belgian government. It was used by the Belgian para-statal organization for technical cooperation to develop its "Aid for Fair Trade" program (

  • "A Toolkit for Participation in Local Governance: Learning to Make Participation Work"
    (2001): Manual commissioned by the Netherlands Association of Municipalities (, 30 pp.
    The Toolkit is a source of information and inspiration to promote more direct and effective participation of citizens in local governance. It provides information on instruments for participation and includes descriptions of many cases of popular participation in local governance from all over the world. (pdf, 501 kB)

  • "Sourcing Orange juice from Costa Rica"
    Belgium, Oxfam, 1998, 30 pp., unpubl.
    Investigative report on the Costa Rican orange juice sector, and on opportunities for sourcing from small-scale production.

  • "Wottara - hij die veel heeft"
    ("Wottara - he who has much" ), 1987, Amsterdam, Netherlands Leprosy Association, 32 pp., ill., with accompanying narrated slide show, hard-copies only.
    Based on living in the village of Wottara, Ethiopia, for a week, the booklet and slide show tell the story of day-to-day life of its inhabitants, who all have leprosy. They were commissioned by the Leprosy Association ( for its awareness-raising and educational activities in schools and social groups.

  • Alex P. Schmid, in collaboration with Ellen Berends and Luuk Zonneveld, "Social Defence and Soviet Military Power: An Inquiry into the Relevance of an Alternative Defence Concept" (1985, Leiden: Center for the Study of Social Conflict, State University of Leiden).
    Study commissioned by the Dutch government to explore the opportunities of non-violent defence and civil resistance against a possible Soviet invasion.

  • "Kracht in botsing. Psychologische processen bij de konfrontatie tussen gewapende en ongewapende groepen" ("Colliding force. Psychological processes of the confrontation between armed and unarmed groups" ), 1984, Zwolle, Netherlands: SVAG, 246pp.
    Doctoral thesis on the success factors of non-violent action in armed environments based on studies of historical cases. Hardcopy available from


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